A happy, healthy and ethical Earth!

I developed The Lean Vegan Plan in 2016, and after some phenomenal results, we quickly realised this could be the catalyst to turn the false ‘weak vegan’ image into a lovely lean one, one body at a time!

I quickly realised that there would be no way I could help every single person turning vegan on a custom made plan. It took me hours just to work out daily calorie intakes, exercises, and how much elaboration people were actually doing!

I devised countless recipes, tweaking the ingredients to provide precisely the nutrients and macros I wanted. I was so proud of my hard work and all these recipes in front of me. The result? Not much difference. The thing is, once you get to a certain point, ‘good’ is good enough.

After this revelation is when I decided to put it online.

I realised how much value I could bring to people’s lives by just changing a few small things in their diets, in their habits. Sure, if you want to look like Vanessa Espinoza or Torre Washington then every 0.1% counts and you’ll need to count calories until your face bleeds. If you just want to be able to fit in your jeans or get up the stairs without resting halfway, follow these posts and I promise you, you will get there.

The plans are a carefully devised blend of non-processed, whole vegan foods. Balancing proper planning, effective workouts and nutrition super tips, you can achieve the body, and more importantly health, you’ve always dreamed of!