First the worst

So, here it is! my first post on this site. I’ve finally gotten around to setting up the blog and the Facebook page, now we are ready to go! I’ve already started posting a few YouTube videos (I promise I will try to keep to some kind of uploading schedule there) but this is the real start of it all.

Now you’re probably wondering what it’s the start of… Well, it’s my goal to first, remove the stigma and negative connotations attached to Veganism (largely: weak, unhealthy, skinny etc) and replace them with strong, lean, radiant vegans. Second, I think it’s completely possible in the next 10 years for us to see a better than a 1 in 5 ratio of vegan:non-vegan.

On this blog, and the Facebook page, I will be sharing delicious vegan recipes, videos, exercises and tips and tricks to make you healthier and happier. You will become a shining light of vegan goodness or something.

Unfortunately, this blog will probably not be like many others, the ones with glass jars filled with blueberries, vegan yoghurt and homemade muesli, all photographed on an antique wooden table on a DSLR with a lens that costs more than my monthly rent.

What I am offering is an insight into my own journey and hopefully to help you on yours, whether you’re at the start or somewhere in the middle. So, I hope you stick around, read the blog, share the posts and help make everyone Go Vegan!


Edit: This was only posted a week ago and the feedback I’ve already received has been awesome. Thank you all for making my first blog a great one! Stay tuned for lots more updates, tips and miscellaneous fitness!

Edit: This was originally posted in November 2016, however, when we moved domains the pages were imported. Hopefully the new look is worth it!


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