If you are new to cooking fresh homemade meals, I completely understand it’s a daunting experience. This can be made even worse when all you have is a tiny saucepan and an old frying pan. Do yourself a favour, grab a few things for your kitchen; this will not only make life a tonne easier for you but it might also give you a boost in motivation! I’ve broken it down into two lists, they important stuff and the extras!



pyrex casserole dish for kitchenPyrex Casserole Dish 3.6L

I got this around 6 months ago and I use it for almost everything I cook. It’s perfectly sized for making several portions at once and the high quality makes cleaning super easy. Mine was around £30 but there are others similar that are cheaper, when it comes to pans I always pay for quality.
salter blender 600ml for kitchen

Salter Blender 2x 600ml Bottles

I got my blender for free as a sign-up bonus for Men’s Health which I thought was pretty awesome. Now, I use this everyday. I blend up my smoothies in this (it handles frozen Avocado just fine and destroys berries) and I also prep soup and curries with it.
set of knives for kitchen

Quality Set of Knives

Most accidents in the kitchen occur when using unsharpened or blunt knives (or using the wrong knife for the wrong job!). This set of knives is currently reduced from £70 to £30. This really is a quality thing again. Don’t get ripped off paying over the top but you don’t want to buy a cheap knife that loses its edge after a week. If you’re still unsure feel free to contact me for advice!



garlic peeler and grater for kitchen

The Peeler, Grater & Puree-er

This does everything. You grab your garlic cloves, rub it in the rubber tube for a few seconds and it’s peeled. Then you use the dish to either grate (vertical motion) or puree (spiral motion) and use the brush to wipe it all out. Saves the hassle and garlic fingers (although I like that, anyone else?). These are a little pricey, usually around £10, but if you just want the rubber peeler you can pick them up for under £1 without the rest of the set!
classic pepper mill for kitchen

The Classic Pepper Mill

I love pepper so much the only meal that isn’t covered in it is my morning porridge. (that gets covered in chia seeds and peanut butter – see here).
Sure, you could buy a small refillable mill but a) that’s plastic which is bad for everyone and b) when else will you get to show off your fantastic Italian accent? Buon Appetito, right?

loch nessie soup ladle for kitchen
The Loch Ness Colander & Ladle

These can seriously turn your kitchen from Ramsay’s Nightmare to Highland Dream. The ‘mummy’ is a good sized ladle and the ‘wee nessie’ is a soup ladle. A perfect Scottish accent to accompany the Italian entree. I believe these can also be purchased separately but they’re nowhere near as adorable.
Fruits plant image for kitchen


The Fruit Plants 10 in 1

Not only is this a cool multi-coloured plant ornament. It’s also 10 tools in 1. It contains, a masher, an avocado scoop, a mesh cutter, an apple cutter, 5x picks, a citrus slicer, a citrus squeezer, a grater, a grapefruit juicer and finally, a bowl. Ok, so you probably already have a bowl but does it look like a plant? Nope.






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