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Wow, guys! So this site isn’t even really functioning yet and already there were 3 comments waiting for me when I came to write this post! Thanks so much for taking the time to read it and sticking along for the journey!

For those of you that follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (both: tommleach) you’ll know that yesterday I went to the gym, and I nearly died. It turns out I hadn’t recovered as much as I thought I had and a few squats and calf extensions in, I was desperately looking around for a dude in a black hood holding a scythe.

So today I decided to skip the gym, rest up, eat well and plan my week. Preparation is the absolute key to any kind of fitness goals you have. So that is my excuse for today but tomorrow will see me in the gym, rain or shine.

I have a couple more posts ready, that have a lot more content than me just rambling into the darkness. I also have a couple of recipes ready to post which I hope you will love! Please tweet or tag me in your photos if you do make the dishes, unless yours is better, in which case just sit and eat it quietly and do not post to any social media outlets. Just kidding, sort of.

As i mentioned before, we have had some comments on the blog already, so I’m going to start asking a Question of the Day, where you can answer either on the Facebook posts or down below each blog.

Question of the Day: What is your favourite way to eat Avocado?

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