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So for those of you who have followed me on social media for a little while, you may know I used to weigh around 70kg, I had 8% body fat and had a pretty great body. I know I sound like a douche saying that, but I was proud of it. Anyway, I did my show for 10 weeks and it messed with my routine and eating patterns, as soon as it finished I got tonsillitis and now we are here.

I’ve lost 7kg. 7kg. Maybe most people celebrate that, but I’ve lost 7kg of mostly muscle. This makes me really pissed. But I like to see the good in a bad situation, when life gives you lemons, sell the lemons and buy something better, like avocado. Am I right?!

So now I’m here, weighing just over 60kg (a super lean 6% BF – less than my ideal though) and I am itching to get back into the gym. If you’re reading this I’ve published this post and headed to the gym, grabbing the bull by the horns and jumping back on the horse. I get those are two very different metaphors and also pretty odd choices for a vegan, but hey, sue me.

Here are the stats, of how my body currently looks. I’ll post them here, I’ll post some of my routines and in a few weeks, we will check the progress. If I still weigh the same as a large dog I’ll hang up my PT jacket and get a job in Starbucks. If I smash my goals, then like a phoenix I will rise from the flames and bask in the lean vegan goodness.

I’m aiming to do a 6-week course, I’ll be posting some of my diets so if you want to join me feel free, comment below, message me on Facebook, whatever you want. I’m going to try and organise a live cook-a-long too, but that is very much a work in progress. So stay tuned for that one!

Current Stats

Chest: 36”, Upper-Arm: 12”, Thigh: 19.5”, Waist: 30”, Forearm: 10.5”  Circumference across shoulders: 42”

Even writing these measurements is annoying me, the work we put into our bodies, the exercise regimes, the quality of the food we buy, the tasty, healthy meals we cook. It’s all useless if we don’t plan and end up falling back on old habits. That being said, here is my photo of the day! Thanks for reading, please share your feedback and follow the progress!

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