Spinach, Kale and Broccoli Soup

Spinach, Kale and Broccoli soup is amazing, topped with avocado and creamed cashew, although not essential, they really add to the finished product. Great hot or cold, and keeps/freezes really well, check out the nutrition below!

Lean Vegan - Spinach Kale and Broccoli Soup


Energy: 280Kcal, Fat: 10.5g, Carbs: 36.8g, Protein: 13.6g (Values with Avocado&Cashew)

Energy: 228Kcal, Fat: 6.5g, Carbs: 34.2g, Protein: 12.5g (Values without Avocado&cashew)


  • Broccoli, 1 large.
  • Kale, 100g.
  • Spinach, 100g.
  • Celery, 2 stalks.
  • Garlic, 2 cloves.
  • Onion, 2 small.
  • Turmeric, pinch.
  • Coconut oil, 1 tbsp.
  • Vegetable stock, 1cup. (optional)
  • Avocado, 1 large, sliced. (optional)
  • Cashew Cream, 3tbsp. (optional)


  1. Cut the broccoli florets from the stalks. If you would like to make your own stock, just cover the broccoli stalks with water and boil for around 20mins. Cut the florets into similar sized pieces.
  2. Heat the coconut oil and in a large skillet over medium-high heat until hot. Add the chopped garlic (you can chop fairly roughly as it will all be processed later) and cook until lightly browned. Next, add the onion and celery, adding a pinch of black pepper, salt and then lower the heat. Cook the vegetables slowly until tender, around 10 mins. Add Turmeric and allow to cook a few more minutes, stirring frequently so stop the turmeric and garlic burning.
  3. Add the broccoli florets, stock (homemade or otherwise), and bring to a boil. Cook, covered, for about 6 minutes. If the soup needs to reduce a little take the lid off for that last 4 minutes.
  4. Once the florets are tender, puree the soup either in a blender or with a hand blender (my personal favourite, just be careful of molten broccoli splashes!).
  5. Gradually add the Kale and Spinach and continue to puree. Continue until all Kale and Spinach is in and it has a smooth consistency.
  6. Return the soup to the pan and/or reheat over a low heat. Taste and add salt/pepper as needed.
  7. For the garnish slice an avocado lengthways and gently place on the soup, it should be thick enough to stay in place and thin enough to float, practice makes perfect! Finally, add the creamed cashew (click here if you would like to learn how to make it) and serve piping hot, enjoy!
  8. It’s always important to make a recipe your own, especially a simple one. So you should really try experimenting with some hot sauce or curry powder. As always, be sure to send us in photos of your creations by either heading to our contact page or #TheLeanVegan!



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